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My very sweet, but very  challenging child!

My very sweet, but very challenging child!

Somewhere between 18 months and 2 years is the hardest age to photograph because all those kiddos want to do is explore the world around them and they could not care less about the camera.  But some children beyond the age of 2 can be particularly challenging to photograph.

When kiddos decide that the photo shoot is over before it even starts, it can seem like a frustrating experience.  But all is not lost!!  I have been working on tips that can help the photoshoot go better when this happens, and I will describe those tips in a future blog post for parents.  But first, I feel it’s important to describe why I feel such a connection with kiddos who have a rough time in front of the camera….

We knew there was something “different” about our daughter Madison from the very beginning.  She commanded attention and somehow from the very early days of her life, she figured out a way to get attention (her tactics included colic by the way).    One day when she was a couple weeks old she ran a fever, which resulted in a trip to the ER, complete with the “ER Deluxe Package” hospital stay.

The Deluxe Package  came complete with x rays, blood work, a spinal tap and a mandate that everyone who entered her room had to wear a hazmat suit.  She even got an ENTIRE UNIT of the hospital to herself.  No kidding, this little bitty baby managed to convince the hospital that she needed her own entire wing of the hospital to herself…she was the only patient there.  They prepared the whole place just for her.  And she didn’t even have to share AIR with the other patients in the hospital….oh no, her air was piped into her room from a special place.  Everyday a group of medical students would gather outside her room….which was ALL GLASS LIKE A FISHBOWL….and they discussed our baby girl’s condition.  She had her own audience.

All of this hoop-la went on for a whole week because she was the very first person at the hospital to be diagnosed with Swine Flu.  They took it very seriously!!  It turns out she did not have Swine Flu, but she sure gave everyone lots of practice for what to do in the event of  their first real Swine Flu case.

That was in 2009, and she hasn’t stopped commanding that level of attention from everyone.  

She is constantly in motion…and she is moody.  She has never been easy going about anything.  Some people call kids like her “Strong Willed”, and that is true, but if I think of her as a “Spirited Child”, then I see her in a totally different light.

And that’s one of the main points behind the book “Raising Your  Spirited Child” by author Mary Sheedy Kurcinka .    I began reading this book about two months ago and have really seen a big impact in Madison’s behavior and how she responds to me.  We were working with Madison through the Love and Logic program and professional counseling  for over a year with good results.  BUT the techniques and approach from “Raising Your Spirited Child” definitely added a new dimension to our approach, and I enjoy Madison’s strong spirit so much now.

I’ve done a lot of contemplating about tips for parents who are worried about if their child will cooperate during a photo shoot, so stay tuned for that blog post in the future.  I just wanted you to know in this blog post why I feel a connection with spirited children.

In the meantime, if you have a spirited child, I encourage you to read “Raising Your Spirited Child, and I promise you will instantaneously begin enjoying all the attributes that make your sweet child so strong and determined!


thanks for reading, xoxo, Sharon