Moms: Why You Need To Get In The Picture

Juneau, Alaska

 June 26, 1986

One moment we were enjoying a dream vacation watching the majestic bald eagles in the sky as we drove down the road, and the the next moment life as we knew it came to a crashing end.


I was the only survivor in our vehicle.


  In the previous days we had visited a museum, watched Top Gun at the movie theater, and we spend a fair amount of time trying to find some lost luggage.  The day before they died, we stayed on a secluded island so remote that  we had to take a private plane and land on the beach.  The only other living things walking around on the island were the bears, and other scary critters that could eat us. 

alaska 1986
My mother had just gotten re-married.  It was their honeymoon and she insisted that I go with them because this was a once in a lifetime experience she didn’t want me to miss at the age of 13.  
She married my step father on June 20th and the next day we left for Alaska from Texas.  I reluctantly tagged along on their honeymoon trip to Alaska, with my little camera in hand to document this once in a lifetime trip.

The last picture  taken was on June 26 by a stranger at the Mendenhall Glacier who had no idea they were taking the final picture of our trip and the final picture of our lives together moments before tragedy struck.  

A guardian angel named Peggy showed up on the scene and tried to revive them, but there was no hope for them.  My mom died instantly and my step dad died while trying to say some words to Peggy, so she turned her attention toward helping me.  
And she stayed by my side in the hospital day after day until someone finally arrived to take me back to Texas.  Not only did Peggy save me and sit with me, she actually came to my high school graduation in Texas years later!   She has passed away, and  I know she will always be my guardian angel.
  • I’m sharing this story and these pictures with you because we never know when or how important of a role we play in someone’s life, and how important pictures become after losing someone.  Most importantly, the last picture ever taken of her was with me by her side.  Out of all the amazing pictures that have ever been taken in the entire world, this is my absolute favorite picture.  
But when it comes to taking pictures of me, I am like most moms…NO thanks, leave me out of it!

I am 40, out of shape, in need of some hair dye, I have 3 little ones, and a business that requires more than 40 hours a week of blood sweat and tears.     Scrubbing toilets, wiping bottoms and wishing I had the energy to make my house worthy of Pinterest does not make me  feel so beautiful.
 I completely understand why mothers do not want to be in pictures.
By the time you get the kiddos dressed and ready, you literally have to stop and make sure you’ve brushed your own teeth and showered.  Putting on make-up, styling your hair and wearing a coordinating outfit is A LOT to ask.  You may not feel so beautiful, but your kids think you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. 
I am over it.

So I challenge all moms to get over it too…