About Us

Melsharo Studios LLC is based in the Augusta, Georgia area and owned by Melissa Gordon & Sharon Wilson. After working together closely on many projects for a couple years, Melissa and Sharon saw a great need to just go ahead and combine their photography niches (basically their niches are brides and babies, with various fun stuff in between).

So in 2013, Melissa and Sharon joined forces and formed Melsharo Studios, LLC which is a fully licensed and insured photography business. Sharon and Melissa are co-owners and they operate the business with the help of many other industry professionals and local businesses.

Melissa Gordon


Melissa is the primary photographer for Weddings, Seniors, & Birth.  Sofia Colton was inspired by the life and purpose of her baby girl Fia, whose loving story can be viewed here.

Melissa  strives to create a custom vision for the creative process. She has enjoyed photography for over 24 years, and in 2009 she made it her full time job.  She loves telling a story through the lens of the camera.  She is the co-owner of Verge, an arts publication for Augusta.

In her former life Melissa worked in Obstetrics for 17 years, most of those spent in Labor and Delivery as an Surgical/Perinatal Technician. Melissa is married to Neil and together they have 6 children!

Sharon Wilson


Sharon’s journey into the photography field began with photographing a local athlete at sporting events in 2008.  She began photographing babies the following year and Scribbletime was born.

She is a photography workshop junkie and loves learning new information….she has traveled all over to study photography and to learn from Awesome photographers. What she loves most about her job is traveling to new places, and getting to know clients.

She met her husband in 2000, who was in the Marines. They married in 2003 and moved to Augusta after the military.   They have 3 kiddos.