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You may have heard of a “First Look” for weddings, but how do you know if it’s right for you? The First Look is something unique and non-traditional that couples may elect to do before the ceremony. Here are 5 tips you need to know about a first look, and some images from one of our recent first look moments from a wedding right here in Georgia…oh and here’s a BONUS tip that you need to know (#6):  It’s OKAY if you do a first look, and it’s OKAY if you do not opt for a first look.  Either way, you will still finish the day as a married couple!  We hope you find these 5 nuggets of information helpful in deciding if a first look is right for you!  www.sofiacolton.com
  • The first look might be the only time the whole day when you and your groom get to spend a few moments alone together. Most couples don’t get a moment alone together until they depart the reception.
  • It typically lasts just a few minutes, when the bride and groom sneak away to a secluded, quiet spot.
  • Only the photographers are allowed to be present during the first look (we capture all the emotion from totally different angles!!) It is a private moment when couples can show their built-up emotion together without hundreds of spectators.
  • If you cry during the ceremony, you’re just stuck there on stage crying on your special day with hundreds of people around, but nobody can actually hug you, and your groom can’t hold you like he’ll be able to during the first look.   Oh and with a first look you will be able to freshen up your make-up if you do cry!
  • A First Look can be done with either the bride or groom sneaking up on the other, or it can be done with the groom watching as the bride approaches. Photographers and guests love First Looks because it helps free up some time before the ceremony to do the formal family and bridal party pictures. Without a first look, guests wait at the reception until the formal pictures are finished.

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