3 Tips To Look Better in Pictures | Sofia Colton Photography | Evans, Ga Photographers

We want you to look your absolute best in pictures, so here are some quick, easy tips that every woman can do to look more flattering.  Hurry and start practicing!!

1.   How To Appear Slimmer:

  • Slightly twist so your upper body is slightly turned away from the camera instead of straight on (give a little roll to your shoulders if you can also)
  • This gets rid of broad shoulders (no woman wants to look like a football player)
  • Slightly bend your arm (no chicken wings allowed) so that there is a small gap between your body and your arm…this shows where your body ends

2.  How To Eliminate Your Double Chin:

  • Slightly bend at the waist forward towards the camera….only an inch or two.
  • Yes, you will feel like a pretzel if you already did Step #1, but this will stretch out your neck enough to get rid of that double chin  (trust me!!)

3.  How To Show Off Your Curves:

  • Shift your weight onto one leg (put weight onto the leg farthest away from the camera)
  • This helps give your leg a slight bend
  • Point your bent knee a little bit inward (away from the camera) to make your leg look smaller

These are just a handful of standard posing tips that we use all the time.   These tips came in super handy when I recently did a headshot with the What I Be Project.  I was feeling frazzled and frumpy….I had no intention of being IN a picture that day.  No make-up, I had gray hair all over, and I was just not in a great mood anyway.

So there I found myself in front of that camera.  And what did I naturally do?  Oh you bet, I twisted, I bent and I shifted!!!   I did lift my hand up though by my face, BUT I promise this picture would not have turned out decent at all if I had not employed those little posing tricks.

Sofia Colton Photography Did The What I Be Project

They saved me!!!